The Tea Shop

It happened so suddenly…

20 years it seems, I have been in this place. A forever changing place, but at the same time, always the same. For I am trapped within these dreaded walls. I don’t mind it, though. For, within these walls, I collect lost souls.

Oh. No. Not those lost souls. The damned are not welcome here. For there is only one that is damned that walks these floors. That would be me. The caretaker of this place. But I am getting a bit ahead of myself, aren’t I?

Let me introduce myself.

I am Kaelan and this is my tea shop.

Care for a spot of tea?


I began this little journey over two years ago and this is as far as its gotten. I don’t see myself much as a writer as some of my friends are. They can do 50k words in a mere amount of days and it takes me years to even dig myself out of a puzzlement of a story I have brewed in my head. One day, I’m sure I will find where this story is going. Maybe, like one friend had for a time, I need a “muse.” Someone to inspire that spark to continue the story. I see it as part autobiographical, part science fiction. A peek inside the world within my head. The “souls” I’ve collected in time, the demons I face.

Perhaps. Though, tonight isn’t that night to delve into it. No. But the story keeps returning to my head. Maybe soon it will be time for it to be told. We shall see. Maybe I will just start by pushing myself to post more here. To write more about life and my hobby as a photographer. Baby steps, you see.


Inspire Me: Life Goals

Write a list of 25 (or just 5!) things you want to do in your life.

  1. Earn my Bachelors or Masters degree in some field and be able to attend graduation when I earn it.
  2. Have a successful business or online company of some sort
  3. Get re-married
  4. Visit New York and be an audience member of a “late show” taping
  5. Be happy

Busy Busy Busy

In the words of Shirley Temple … “Ohhh Myyyy Goodness”

I have slacked badly lately. Well, slacked in the terms of posting here. I feel terrible leaving my faithful followers to wonder what has happened to the fearless Mouse. But, fear not, I am still kicking. School just tossed a few challenges at me and I have had to work double-time, it seems, to keep ahead of the game. I have a bit of a grace period right now in-between assignments. Though, tomorrow I will be hammering out the next set of assignments in all my classes ( God willing, anyway )

I felt I should pop in and let the world know I am still in one piece. I will have some fun new graphics I have tinkered up to share and I hope everyone is having a fun and enjoyable September.


Whose right is it, really?

My professor asked a fellow classmate the following question and it really made me think about art and the various types of museums and historical societies out there. So, I wish to pose the questions to my followers.

If there is no right or wrong in art, why do we have museums and galleries? Who and what criteria decides what goes into these institutions?

Leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this. I will give you my thoughts on this at a later time.

I have followers

I am quite tickled.

I just started this blog today and already have a following. Thank you!!

I do hope my posts and various pictures I put up will keep you coming back for more. I can’t say what all will be posted or talked about, but I hope its enough to bring you back to like and comment. It certainly has brightened my day a lot to see some people liking my blog and posts already.


Inspire Me: School daze

Another school semester will soon begin. If you’re in school, are you looking forward to starting classes? If you’re out of school, what do you miss about it —or are you glad those days are over?

I am currently in school and strangely enough, classes began today. I can honestly say, I am looking forward to it, even if I am nervous, paranoid and have seemed to have developed this slight twitch. HaHa!

Inspire-Me : Making Love Out of Nothing At All

Take a line from a song that you love or connect with. Now forget the song, and turn that line into the title or inspiration for your post.

I always seem to come back to this song when I think about my life and relationships I have faced. It always amazes me that I would give anything to those I cared so deeply about. I know how to do a lot of things, but I just can’t understand how they could love like they did.

Maybe I took the song to mean something different and its right. But sometimes, that’s how we are suppose to take a song. It makes us feel or think a certain way. Just like the song that was going through my head.

There are a lot of songs that I truly enjoy and many of them spark a variety of emotional responses from me. From smiles and warm memories to the dark clouds of sadness.

In the end however, I guess they are all worthwhile. Happy or sad, they are a part of who I have become and who I am becoming as a person.